Tooth extraction

If your tooth needs to be extracted, consult with us, we perform painless extractions with the latest techniques. People usually say that having a tooth extracted is a dreadful and uncomfortable experience but with our extensive skill and care it can be easy and pain-free.

There are several reasons when a tooth can not be saved:

  • severe infection, diseased tooth
  • tooth bad damaged
  • extensive decay
  • broken tooth
  • abscessed teeth
  • fractured root
  • extremely overcrowded teeth
  • loss of bone, loose teeth
  • root canals are not accessible
  • baby tooth when it is in the way of permanent tooth
  • impacted tooth
  • supernumary teeth


These are the most common circumstances when a tooth needs to be taken out.

There are two ways of performing it: simple extraction and surgical extraction. During the check-up the dentist will take an X-ray to see the condition of the tooth and will find out which procedure is suitable for you.


Simple (non surgical) tooth extraction

requires only a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and it is performed on teeth that can be seen and easily accessed in the mouth. This is a relatively quick treatment

Sometimes it happens that during the removal of the tooth, the tooth breaks or can not be moved.  In these cases a surgical extraction needs to be performed.


Surgical tooth extraction

A surgical extraction is a complex procedure but it can be done using local anesthetic or we can provide IV sedation (general anasthesia) for anxious patients to relieve pain.

Surgical extractions are performed on teeth that can not be easily accessed, have broken or become impacted off the gum line.

This procedure requires an incision. The oral surgeon cuts and pull back the gum and often a portion of bone also has to be removed to reveal the tooth. Sometimes the tooth needs to be cut into parts. After the extraction the dentist will close the gums together with stitches.

Batorfi Dental Clinic team experienced in both types of extractions. Our general dentists and oral surgeon (who specializes in surgeries, in complicated and risky procedures) can assure you to make the whole procedure as easy and smooth as possible.

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